A Truly intelligent Edge of the Network A Truly intelligent Edge of the Network

Have you noticed the growing number of stories in the tech news about the “edge of the network?” It’s an increasingly hot topic simply because so much is possible now at this edge. With low cost sensors becoming ubiquitous, torrents of raw data are being collected and traveling at ever faster speeds into data centers for conversion into information, trends, and actions that generate new revenues or change the ways applications operate in near real-time with this new information.

Soon we will see that the “intelligent edge” will become a very important part of this conversation. How do we place intelligence at the point of data collection, or at least as close as possible? How do we begin to make decisions—and smart decisions—as fast as we receive the raw data? This is something we’ve been working on for some time. And if you find that you want to move from collecting data—billions and billions of bits of data—to acting on the data in real time, we’d like to hear about your opportunities and challenges in making the edge of your network truly intelligent.