OpenCL Solutions for Xilinx FPGAs

Through the combination of Xilinx’s OpenCL-based tools and Pico Computing’s accelerated compute engines (with comprehensive board support package), software developers can easily create highly parallelized applications by offloading computationally intensive tasks onto the PCI Express-based Pico Computing platform.


The SDAccel™ Development Environment is the newest member of the Xilinx SDx™ family, combining the industry’s first architecturally optimizing compiler supporting any combination of OpenCL™, C, and C++ kernels, along with libraries and development boards for the first complete CPU/GPU-like development and run-time experience for FPGAs.


Pico Computing supports the Xilinx SDAccel Development Environment with an expanding family of high-performance computing solutions, including Pico Computing’s M-505 modules and the groundbreaking EX-850 board, featuring up to eight hybrid memory cube (HMC) devices and Xilinx UltraScale FPGA, shown below.



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