The SC6-Mini, a small form factor unit, is a Linux-based desktop PC configured with up to six FPGA modules (Altera or Xilinx variants) or single-board computers featuring the Hybrid Memory Cube, delivering an unprecedented level of desktop performance. Being orders of magnitude faster than a conventional CPU-based computer, the SC6-Mini is the ideal desktop solution for high-performance computing applications that span bioinformatics to cryptography, deep learning to signal processing. What’s more, it uses only a fraction of the energy of conventional processor-based systems.

Pico Computing’s included Software Application Framework is a Linux-based design environment that provides the vital link between your application software running on a host computer and the hardware algorithm, or firmware, implemented in the FPGAs, making quick and easy work of system design.

Specification Summary

  • Choice of up to six of Pico Computing’s high-performance FPGA modules per PCIe backplane (Xilinx UltraScale or Altera Stratix variants) or single-board computers featuring the Hybrid Memory Cube
  • Intel Core i7-5930K Haswell-E 6-Core 3.5 GHz LGA 2011-v3 140W
  • 4 x DDR4 slots; up to 64GB max DDR4 (quad channel)
  • Fully Switched PCIe Gen 3 architecture
  • Intel I217 (10/100/1000) Gigabit Ethernet LAN
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