OpenCL for Altera FPGAs

Removing the Barriers to HPC Design

As part of our focus on streamlining and speeding the design of FPGA-based HPC systems, Pico Computing is an active supporter of OpenCL, the parallel programming framework that compiles C-like code to a variety of computing and processing platforms, including FPGAs.

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Through the combination of Altera’s OpenCL-based tools and Pico Computing’s accelerated compute engines (with comprehensive support package), software developers can easily create highly parallelized applications by offloading computationally intensive tasks onto the PCI Express-based Pico Computing platform–including the groundbreaking EX-800, shown below.



“We are excited to have Pico Computing as part of the growing ecosystem of companies supporting the OpenCL standard,” said Nick Finamore, marketing manager at Altera Corporation. “The combination of Pico Computing’s expertise in high-performance computing along with our SDK for OpenCL will enable significant time-to-market and productivity advantages to our joint customers.”

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