HPC Systems Overview

Pico Computing’s rack-mounted systems are the highest density air-cooled FPGA-accelerated computing machines in the world. Five previous architectures have culminated in time-tested, highly reliable, industrial grade systems that highlight the power of Pico Computing’s “plug and play” hardware architecture and software/applications framework.

Pico Computing clusters utilize the system’s processor and Linux to control the applications that run on the M-series FPGA modules—with all elements working together under Pico’s Software Framework.

All SC Series products share the following characteristics and benefits:

  • Every FPGA is capable of running at its maximum frequency (no PCIe power constraint)
  • All memories and SODIMMs run at their highest speed/bandwidth
  • All chassis are Industrial grade and air cooled, with:
    • PCIe Gen 3 backplane
    • 1-2 multi-core Intel CPUs with ECC cache memories
    • Redundant hot swap power supplies and fans
    • Pico Computing’s applications framework running under Linux
    • Pico Computing’s analysis tools

Pico Computing’s SC6 systems ship with the same M-series modules populating the respective number of backplanes. However, the systems can be configured or customized via the mixing and matching of the various M-series modules. Moreover, the system can be upgraded at any time with different or newer modules and/or backplanes.

Our rack-mounted configurations include:

  1. 4U-rack. The 4U rack holds eight EX-500 backplanes with up to six M-series modules per backplane for a total of 48 FPGAs per system. This is the highest-density FPGA system in the world.
  2. 1U-rack. The 1U rack holds four EX-400 backplanes for a total of 16 M-series FPGA modules.