The EX-750 Backplane ia based on a fully-switched 8GB/s, x16 PCI Express Gen 3 Bus from the host, also providing independent x8 PCIe Gen 3 buses to each AC-series module mounted on the EX-750 backplane. The EX-700 accommodates up to four single-wide AC-Series modules and forms the foundation of Pico Computing’s scalable and upgradeable architecture.


Use a single EX-750 backplane as a server or workstation accelerator card, or scale up multiple EX-750 backplanes for truly astounding massively parallel computing performance.

Specification Summary

  • Accepts up to four single wide  AC-Series FPGA modules
  • Fully Switched Architecture:
    • x16 PCIe Gen 3 interface to host (8GB/s)
    • x8 PCIe Gen 3 interface to each AC-Series module
    • Low noise design
    • Air cooled
    • Separate FPGA loading bus
    • FPGA power separate from PCIe bus
    • Status LEDs
    • GPU-compatible Dimensions (L x H):
      • 9.75 x 4.376 (Inches)
      • 247.65 x 111.15 (mm)


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