Whether targeted to HPC or embedded applications, Pico Computing’s modular and highly-scalable architecture, based on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies, brings industry-leading performance, compute density, energy efficiency, and simplified application design to a whole new level. And by virtue of our flexible architecture and complete development framework, we make accelerated computing technology easy to use. Here’s how:

  1. Unprecedented Compute Density. Our unique approach to HPC and embedded solutions allows more computing density per square inch, with less power consumption, than any other alternative. This is made possible by the combination of large-scale FPGAs and a groundbreaking approach to system design that enables the use of not just one or two, but many FPGAs per PCI Express slot. Our definition of HPC includes the ability to load a single PCIe slot with up to six, directly-addressable FPGAs, as well as providing for direct FPGA-to-FPGA data passing without host involvement. And, never mind the PCIe Gen 2 power limit of 80 Watts per slot; we provide separate power so you can operate all FPGA devices at their highest frequency. Our patents-pending technology exploits the full bandwidth of the PCI Express bus for FPGAs and memories, enabling the highest performance possible within a compact form factor.
  2. Easy Expansion or Upgrade. Pico Computing backplanes, populated by interchangeable snap-in modules, provide a x16 PCIe from the host and a x8 PCIe to every module, which allows the host to directly address the many FPGAs on the board (up to six per board—and up to 48-chip clusters in a single 4U chassis).  In addition, our architecture is truly plug-and-play, making system expansion or upgrade as simple as snapping in new or additional modules, each no bigger than a business card.
  3. Powerful Development Framework. Where development is concerned, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Unlike the raft of FPGA board suppliers in the market, Pico Computing brings a true system design perspective to HPC and embedded computing. We’ve done all the interface work so you don’t have to; our firmware, API, and other tools let you get started right away on the work that really matters. We even provide complete analytics tools. In short, we save you thousands of dollars in development work, yielding the lowest total cost of ownership—and a much better experience in the bargain.

HPC in Three Easy Steps—a Comprehensive Product Overview

To see Pico Computing’s modular and scalable architecture at work, view the brief video: