PicoMini Quick Start Videos



Important: Please view Video errata to navigate differences between the video and the latest release of the software.


Hello and welcome to this series of videos designed to get you up and running quickly with your PicoMini high-performance computer featuring the Hybrid Memory Cube. You can watch the video guide in its entirety or view individual chapters by clicking the links below:

PicoMini Quick Start Guide—Full Video (20:45)

Chapter 1: System Overview (05:45)

Chapter 2: Initial Setup (05:05)

Chapter 3: Using the Pico Framework (01:31)

Chapter 4: Using the Hybrid Memory Cube (04:35)  (See Errata)

Chapter 5: Building Your Own Application (04:10) 

You’ll find complete documentation, a dedicated forum, and support here (scroll down to University Program for the forum).

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