Removing the Barriers to HPC Design

As part of our focus on streamlining and speeding the design of FPGA-based HPC systems, Pico Computing is an active supporter of OpenCL, the parallel programming framework that compiles C-like code to a variety of computing and processing platforms, including FPGAs.

PicoCube for OpenCL—the Ultimate Starter Kit (Brochure)

A complete, easy-to-use turnkey workstation for OpenCL-based FPGA development. And because it’s inexpensive, it’s also the ideal learning platform for OpenCL developers.

Available for both Altera and Xilinx FPGAs.



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10 Reasons OpenCL Will Change Your Design Strategy & Market Position (Whitepaper)


Characterization of OpenCL on a Scalable FPGA Architecture (Whitepaper)


Relative to traditional FPGA design flows, OpenCL enables significantly faster time to market by facilitating a higher level of design abstraction that also yields end designs with higher performance and greater power efficiency.

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FPGAs are a vital building block in meeting the requirements for ever-increasing performance. Historically, however, programming differences between hardware and software domains have hindered the development of FPGA-based acceleration solutions. But now, through the combination of Altera’s or Xilinx’s OpenCL tools and Pico Computing’s accelerated compute engines (with comprehensive board support packages), software developers can easily create highly parallelized applications that offload computationally intensive tasks onto the PCI Express-based Pico Computing platform. This design approach also supports the evaluation of real-time trade-offs in application performance, power consumption, and compute density across the various IC architectures, which include CPUs, GPUs, DSPs and FPGAs.

Pico Computing’s expanding line of high-performance computing products support OpenCL in a variety of backplane and chassis configurations to allow you to build precisely the solution you require.

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