When FPGAs are used for Computing and not Glue Logic When FPGAs are used for Computing and not Glue Logic

FPGA board vendors seem to be as plentiful as rain in April. They are everywhere. But, in looking at their products they seem to fall in line with my general observation of the FPGA IC vendors: historically glue logic solutions maturing into ASIC solutions. FPGA board solutions appear to be extensions of this same thought process. As such, in both industries, worldwide, market shares are extremely small when compared processing ICs and “computing” boards/systems. In fact, together they’re smaller than many single “processor IC” companies. Now, you could argue that processors have been around longer and so, have gained more traction, but I can’t help but wonder what would happen to the FPGA IC and FPGA board businesses if they were used for processing/computing instead of being relegated to glue logic applications.

  • ramesh

    I am running DDR3_MovingAverage example given along with pico machine. I am getting the following error. How to proceed further. Your help appreciated..! Thank you.

    RunBitFile error: Error #8003: FindPico didn’t find any matching cards
    FindPico didn’t find any matching cards. Are you looking for the right kind of card? Has your computer detected the card?

    • Antara Ganguly

      Hi Ramesh,
      Were you able to solve the issue mentioned by you?
      I am currently facing the same issue and it would be really great if you could share your solution to it.