Single-board HPC

“By demonstrating Pico’s SB-801 and HMC working together, we’re empowering customers to leverage one of the most exciting combinations available for advanced computing applications. Pico Computing’s technical expertise and experience coupled with HMC’s performance and efficiency will enable users to overcome their most challenging requirements for next-generation systems.”

—Scott Graham, general manager for Hybrid Memory Cube, Micron


The SB-801 is a full height, full length, PCI Express board with an array of four Stratix V devices and a single Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC). Whether used as a blade server or as an HMC development board, this powerful combination of technologies delivers unprecedented levels of high-bandwidth, low-power, random-access memory performance.

Each Stratix V device has a x8 PCI Express Gen 3 link to an onboard PCI Express switch. The upstream connection of the switch is a x16 PCI Express Gen 3 edge connector. In addition to the HMC, the SB-801 features a total of 32GB of DDR3L SDRAM, high-speed FPGA-to-FPGA interconnect, and easy configuration of the Stratix V devices with automatic configuration download via PCIe.

The SB-801 provides advanced, high-performance FPGA resources and bandwidth sufficient to run the HMC at full speed—far surpassing the computing limitations presented by serial processors. In other words, while the HMC has knocked down the memory wall, with the SB-801, Pico Computing has knocked down the CPU wall.

Configure a single 4U chassis with eight SB-801 boards and yield the highest bandwidth FPGA-accelerated system in existence within a PCI Express framework.

Specification Summary

  • Features Micron’s 4G Hybrid Memory Cube
  • 240 GB/s of memory bandwidth
  • 16 full-duplex lane connections from the HMC to each of the four Stratix V FPGAs
  • 4GB Micron DDR3L SODIMM dedicated to each of the four FPGAs (32GB total)
  • PCI Express Gen 3 full duplex switch
    • x16 Gen3 PCI Express to the host
    • x8 Gen3 PCI Express link to each Stratix V FPGA
  • Side-band high-speed FPGA-to-FPGA interconnect
  • Simple FPGA bitstream loading from Host

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