Pico Computing is now Micron

The Seattle-based company is a leading provider of high-performance computing products.

Pico Computing’s technical capabilities and proven expertise in high-performance computing, combined with Micron’s industry strength and scale in memory and storage, will enable us to better meet our customers’ most ambitious design challenges.

As we work together to integrate our companies, customer collaboration and innovation will continue to be our priority. We are committed to a smooth transition and to delivering greater value to our customers’ accelerated computing applications.

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Pico Computing is the technology leader in high-performance computing. Our modular, highly scalable FPGA-based HPC and embedded systems solve the biggest of the big data computing challenges—from the edge to the Cloud to the desktop. Through our industry-leading technologies, processes that used to take hours are reduced to seconds; what required thousands of expensive servers is accomplished in a single rack space. In short, we enable new capabilities for you to create, innovate, and differentiate your business and customer value.

Whether targeted to PCI Express-based HPC or standalone embedded applications, Pico Computing’s modular and massively-scalable architecture, built upon Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies, brings orders-of-magnitude performance gains, greatly reduced energy costs, the industry’s smallest form factors, and simplified application design.

Our customers’ accelerated computing applications span cryptography to bioinformatics; image processing to networking; scientific computing and simulation to signal processing; persistent consumer apps to making the “Internet of Things” real, and more. Whatever your hardware acceleration needs, we make it work, we make it scale, we make it easy.

To learn more about how our solutions bring simplicity, flexibility, and unrivaled performance to some of the world’s toughest computing challenges, download these informative papers:

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