HPC Solutions
Easy-to-instance PCIe-based systems deliver the most flexible and scalable HPC solutions available.
Memory Solutions
The industry’s “gold standard” for Hybrid Memory Cube and DDR memory controllers.
Personal HPC
Small footprint solutions bring unprecedented HPC performance to the desktop.
Open CL Solutions
Comprehensive OpenCL support for both Xilinx and Altera FPGAs makes HPC easy and accessible.

Plug & Play Scalability

  • Modular computing components and scalable solutions yield powerful, flexible, and future proof HPC systems.
  • PCIe-based solutions that expand easily and seamlessly from a single desktop module to multiple Cloud-based rack units.

Accelerate your Computing — and Time to Revenue

  • The fastest way to connect new technologies to your bottom line.
  • Game changing PCIe-based innovations that fit within your existing infrastructure.
  • Breakthrough solutions that eliminate your barriers to competitive differentiation.